Carpet Cleaning Methods to Consider

May 22, 2016

A wall to wall carpet completes the look of a room, and can be undervalued in neutral colors such as beige and cream, or it can become more of a feature such as a patterned carpet or a brightly or deeply coloured carpet. However, if you are looking for an alternative to a fitted carpet, carpet tiles are certainly an excellent option. They have the same advantages as a fitted carpet, plus added benefits.

First, carpet tiles are a much cheaper option than fitted carpets for some reasons other than the outright cost. Once you have installed your carpet, if a tile is damaged you can replace that single tile, rather than paying the price of a whole carpet. Also, they are very easy to lay, so there is no need to hire someone for fitting, as it is a simple process. This also keeps the costs down. The carpet tiles are packaged into boxes which mean you can transport them yourself without the need to hire a van. All these advantages are great money savers.

The following are five carpet cleaning techniques which have been used over time:

Hot Water Extraction

Another popular name for this technique is steam cleaning. You can find great quality commercial carpet steam cleaners. This method needs you to spritz your carpet with some kind of pre-spray, then agitate it using a cleaning machine that has brushes or at times manually with a wand. Ensure that you have airflow to assist in drying the carpets. This technique uses much water so that the carpets will be pretty wet.

Dry Compound

This consists of products which are large portion of biodegradable. You spread this over the carpet in an evenly distributed layer and then scrub or brush it in. The product attracts lots of dirt and grime, cleaning carpets immediately without water. For commercial purposes and applications, a cylindrical counter-rotating brush system is usually used.


In this technique, you spray the surface of the carpet with oftenly a pre-spray, after which you scrub it in using a bonnet or round buffer. It makes use of a rotation motion, similar to the floor buffer. It features absorbent kind of spin pads which attract soil, which is then rinsed repeatedly. It’s a quick solution and isn’t recommended for deep cleanings, such as for removal of tough stains and odors.


This is the older method for cleaning carpets, which came about during the 1970s. This soon changed once encapsulation products and hot water extraction came to market. The shampoo consisted of coconut oil soaps, which create a foamy or sticky residue.


Cleaning your carpet tiles is much easier than cleaning a fitted carpet. For everyday cleaning, hovering will suffice, but if a more dirty substance is spilt on the tile, you can sponge clean it. If the tile requires further cleaning, it can be lifted and scrubbed using a mild detergent. However, the tile must be fully dry before it is replaced. Let the tile dry naturally, as placing it on a source of heat may damage the tile. Essentially, carpet tiles are a cheaper and more practical way to get the comfort and appearance of a fitted carpet.

Is a Dyson Vacuum Right For You?

May 17, 2016

The feel and look of your carpet can bring a uniqueness to your home. Ideally, you want your carpet to feel new while looking clean which means you need an outstanding vacuum. With all the products on the shelf we are constantly hearing the name Dyson. What are the benefits of a Dyson vacuum cleaner and are there any negative reviews? What if you cannot afford a Dyson but need an alternative that leaves your house just as clean? What makes Dyson so unique? 

Dyson’s vacuums are unique since they are all bagless and use cyclone technology. The air is sucked into the Dyson which carries dirt and dust from the floor through the cones at the top of the canister. The cyclones and air spirals in the vacuum allow for extreme force to move the dirt and dust around. As a matter of fact, Dyson now makes a two tier model which is mean to separate even the smallest particles that other vacuums miss. What are the benefits of a Dyson vacuum? 

Dyson has multiple types of cleaners available in different sizes and all Dyson’s come with a handheld detachable vacuum as well. This is extremely beneficial and helpful for families that have stairs or difficult corners that cannot be reached by a normal vacuum. How amazing is it to be able to vacuum your car, boat, stairs, and furniture? Dyson vacuums are light weight allowing all customers the convenience of vacuuming no matter their age or strength. 

Also keep in mind that all canisters are clear so you are able to see exactly when they need to be emptied. All of that sounds great but keep in mind that there are a few cons. An important concern is the limited battery life. This can be frustrating when the battery dies on you with no other alternative. You also want to keep in mind that Dyson has smaller volume space in their canisters which makes it lightweight but also means you need to empty it after short time spans of usage.

 When cleaning out, there is no bag which makes clean up messy. Instead of taking a bag out that holds all of the dust and dirt, you are dumping the canister into a trash bag. This means some of the dust and dirt that you just cleaned up is going to make its way back into the air or on your floors. 

The most important factor is that Dyson vacuums are pricing and not everyone can afford them financially. If you are not sure about a Dyson then you should check out the Shark Navigator, Bissell Power Force, or even a Hover Elite. These are all great vacuums with significantly different pros and cons. It is important to figure out the main needs for your vacuum since some machines are made specially for pet dander or allergies. Research all of the available vacuums and determine which one fits your needs financially and physically.

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April 30, 2016

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